Dog Spine Pain Relief

Welcome to the Dog Spine Pain Relief page. The vidoe below will show you how to provide safe and effective relief for your canine of any size or shape. The techniques are simple to do and your dog will appreciate being worked on whenever you have the time.

Just take your time, follow-along with the video and you'll do great!

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Dog Spine Pain Relief Video

Dog Spine Pain Relief
Video Text

Here's what we're going to do: 1. First, take your fingers and gently run them along each side of the spine.

We're going to end up checking the entire spine, but you can start anywhere. We just want you to feel along the spine and notice where the tissue is tight and where it is not tight. You should notice that some of the tissue is supple and has a lot of "give." Other tissue won't have much give, it will be more rubbery, rope-like, gristle-like (as in the gristle on a steak that was on the barbecue too long). Just notice the difference in how the tissue feels along different areas fo the spine.

2. After, you've felt the whole spine gently with your fingertips, now apply a bit more pressure as the feel the muscles on each side of the spine and to the "press-pull-release" technique as you feel those muscles.

Go gently at first, but then you can begin applying a bit more pressure as you go.

3.Pay attention to how your dog reacts to the pressure you are applying in each spot. If you apply too much pressure you know because they won't like it, BUT if you are applying just the right amount of pressure you'll start to feel the release and you may notice your dog even likes it.

You're only working at the level your dog can relax into, but your doing the "press-pull-release" up and down the entire spine because any amount of tension release anywhere along the spine (even if it's not where the pain is) is going to help the whole spine to function better.

4. Now, just work on your dog at the level that is comfortable for them, but remember "healthy tissue is supple and has a lot of give," so releasing any of the stuck, ropey, rubbery tissue along your dogs spine will only help them to be more comfortable.

Go up and down the spine working on the tight tissue. If a spot is stubborn and does not yet want to release then move on to another spot for a while and come back later. Sometimes when you come back the spot will be much more willing to let go. Just be patient and persistent and you'll be fine.

5.And also pay attention to how much time your dog can tolerate being worked on. Some dogs love it, and you could literally work on them all day long. Other dogs are good for only a few minutes and then they need a break. So just pay attention to the limits of your particular dog and you'll do fine.

6. Assess if your dog seems more comfortable. If they need more work then continue or wait a while depending on your dog. If they seem like they've gotten some good pain relief then try and notice how long it lasts, so if your canine friend needs more spinal pain releif in a day or two you'll be ready to provide it.

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