Dog Neck Pain Relief

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This website page will show you how to provide dog neck pain relief in a way that virtually anyone can do. Most likely, the simple techniques I'm about to show you will do a great deal to help you give neck pain relief to your canine friend.

What I show you is for any dog, of any size. So just be patient with yourself and your dog, and you'll do great.

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Dog Neck Pain Relief Video

Dog Neck Pain Relief
Video Text

Here's what we're going to do:

1. First, you want to remember that "healthy tissue is supple and flexible when you press on it," so we are trying to find all the unhealthy tissue that may be causing your dog's neck pain and release it.

So start at the base of skull and feel the tissue at the very top of the neck that connects to the bottom of your dog's skull. You can just take your fingertips and GENTLY press into either side of the spine at the top of the neck to feel how supple the tissue is.

When you find some tight tissue you can just gently do some press-pull-release technique on the area until it releases. You'll know it releases when the tissue becomes softer and more supple.

If you have a bigger dog you may only want to do one side of the spine at a time and you may want to use your thumbs.

2. Now take those same palpation skills you've been developing and feel all the tissue from the top of the neck all the way down to where the spine meets their neck and upper back.

Work on any tight tissue you find with the press-pull-release technique to release it. If the tissue is stubborn, just work on it a bit and then move on to other areas. You can return to it after you've other areas and it may be more cooperative.

3. No with the tips of your fingers or your thumb feel into the side of your dog's neck. You probably want to do one side at time. These are some pretty strong muscles and your dog will most likely enjoy you working on them.

Again, start at the top side of the neck and work your way down to where the neck becomes the shoulder. Press-pull-release on any tight tissue. When releases move down, and if it's really stubborn then move down for a while and come back later.

4. Now you want to palpate the front sides of your dogs neck. Do one side at a time using your fingertips. BE GENTLE, but you can feel if the tissue is inappropriately tight. Again, you dog will probably like it as you work on the tissue if you are doing it right. So go easy, take your time.

5. And now, assess how much actual dog neck pain relief you have achieved. Does your dog seems happier and more comfortable?
And then take a moment to remember the spots that might need a bit more work. And remember the tight ones that really let go a lot, so when your dog needs more neck pain relief, you'll know their "special spots" that help them the most.

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