Middle Back Pain Relief:
Massage Tool Release

This massage tool technique can be your solution to middle back pain. But you must use the tool correctly in order to get the results you are seeking. It's very simple to use properly, once someone shows you what to do. And when you get the hang of it, you will realize watching these videos was time well spent.

In the videos I use The Backnobber II...at Amazon.com (click here). It allows you to have improved pressure and accuracy in the areas you need to work on. It's a great addition to the 3 Simple Steps you may have already done on the main page for middle back pain.

Just follow along with the videos and you'll probably be surprised at how effective you can be at freeing yourself from pain. The 2 videos for your Middle Back Pain Relief are below on this page. Go directly to either video on this page by clicking these links: Intro,  Video 1,.

This short introductory video is a great place to start. It will give you a good overview of how to get the most out of this website and help you get the best possible results from the videos below.
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*Please Watch This Short Video First. Thanks.

Please visit the techniques page now, if you haven't already. The techniques are extremely simple, but being familiar with them will vastly improve the effectiveness of what we do below.

On the homepage I describe…in detail…the 3 Simple Steps and the 4 Basic Facts about your body that make it possible for you to provide your own joint pain relief. It's good to know why what you're about to do actually works, but it's not required, so I'll leave that decision to you.

There's a 95% chance that you......like thousands upon thousands of others.....can provide your own effective middle back pain relief. You just needed someone to show you how.

Detailed Instructions For
Middle Back Pain Relief -
Massage Tool Release

Important - FEEL FREE TO ONLY WATCH THE VIDEOS AND FOLLOW ALONG WITH WHAT I DEMONSTRATE. The text is there to support the videos if you need more clarification.

Also, in the future you may only need to do one or two techniques to get instant middle back pain relief, but you've got to go through the whole sequence to find your individual pain treatment. Pay attention to which of these specific techniques works best to relieve your pain.

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Middle Back Pain Relief - Massage Tool Release

This video and text shows you how to use a massage tool to release your middle back pain. It can be done by itself or in conjunction with all the techniques on the main middle back pain relief page. When used properly, this is a fantastic tool to help you get out of pain.

Here's what we're going to do:

Spinal Muscle Release 1 - Bending Forward and Back

We're going to start with the muscle tissue that runs like a rope down both sides of your spinal vertebrae. They're called your erector spinae muscles.

Take one of the knobby ends of your massage tool and press it into this muscle tissue right next to your spine, about 4 to 5 inches above where you are feeling the pain.

Press into the tissue and find a tender spot, and then with firm pressure at the level you can relax into do the press-hold-move technique by bending forward and back. You can do numerous repetitions.

When the tender spot lets go, or you're on a spot that's a bit stubborn, move down until you find another tender spot and then repeat the process all over again.

Do both sides of your spine. One side is often much more tight than the other.

Notice how much pain relief this one technique provides.

Spinal Muscle Release 2 - Twisting

For any remaining tender spots along the erector spine muscles we'll add a twist to the press-hold-move technique in order to get a release.

While sitting normally, find a tender spot and apply pressure with the massage tool knob.

Now bend forward and pause as you make sure the massage tool is in as deeply as you can relax into. Maintain pressure on the spot as you sit back up and come to a neutral position.

NOW twist your shoulders toward the side you are pushing on as you maintain pressure with the massage tool on the spot. You can do more than one twist while holding the pressure, or you can repeat the whole sequence again. Do what feels best.

Repeat this process on any remaining tender spots.

Do both sides of your spine.

Notice how much pain relief this one technique provides.

"Press-Hold-Move" Any Remaining Tender Spots -

Now investigate with the massage tool and find any other middle back muscle tissue that is tender and therefore too tight. Move out to the sides a bit and work on any tender spots you find. Working a bit hight and pressing into the tissue between your shoulder blades is often a great place to work. Usually, moving your arms, turning your head, moving your back will allow you to effectively do the press-hold-move technique in this area.

You can also work a bit more toward your lower back on both of the rope like muscles that run down your spinal column. Do both the "bend forward and back, and the "twist" versions of the press-hold-move will also work well in this area.

Notice how much pain relief this one technique provides.

Self-Assessment Of
Middle Back Pain Relief - Massage Tool Release

Is your middle back pain completely gone? Partially gone?
Which techniques gave you the most pain relief?
Did Step 1, Step 2, or Step 3 work best?
Was there one specific technique or location that instantly relieved your pain? Remember what worked best for you, so you can do that first next time you need it.

Are you still experiencing some pain?
Which muscles are still tender (that means they are too tight!) and could use some more work?
Go back and repeat those techniques that seem to need a few more rounds. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results you get now that you've released other muscles that may prevented them letting go.

Investigate a bit and you'll eventually find which techniques work best for you to provide the best pain relief. Then you'll be able to fix yourself whenever you desire!

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