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A big "Thank You!" from
November 01, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to send all of my email subscribers a big “Thank You!” on the 3rd anniversary of launching

*Because of YOU*, sharing the website with others, thousands upon thousands people have been helped out of pain in the last three years.

Because of YOU, I get the joy of reading 10 to 20 emails a day from all over the world from people who’ve been helped out of pain by the website.

Because of YOU, and your sharing the website with friends, family, and putting links on relevant pages, this “free to anyone, anytime, anywhere” “zero advertising budget” website has been more helpful to more people than I could have ever imagined. Frankly, I consider it a bit of a miracle : )

So, “Thank You!” I just want you all to know that you have helped so many others all over the planet and how much we all appreciate it.

All the very best,

Gary Crowley

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